Training, Coaching & Consultancy

Performance Development & Motivation

Equipping ourselves with people skills allow us to build effective relationships, understanding each others and expand out network. With the increased interest in people-oriented…

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Safety & Health

M Harvest provides site-specific occupational safety and health training and assistance services to industry, employers, and local and state government agencies through…

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Quality System Assurance

With stringent competition in the market, companies are now focusing attention on streamlining processes in order to increase the standard…

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Human Resource & Industrial Relations

In order to build a successful organization, Human resources playing an important role. Their job function includes recruitment, performance appraisal, training, employee welfare, retrenchment, workplace safety, managing disputes, and much more…

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Sales & Marketing

Dramatically increase your sales effectiveness and significantly improve your marketing results by attending our training courses and seminars. Delivered by industry experts, our Sales and Marketing courses incorporate proven best practices and real world experience to help you, your team and your organisation excel in…

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Management System Standard

Our educational programs are designed to increase your understanding of management systems standards and supply chain compliance…

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Computer Software

M Harvest offers a comprehensive Computer Software training course that covers a wide range of computer-oriented courses like…

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Learned “value” of the subordinate. How to lead a group and how to become an effective leader.
内容生动,丰富,很有意义的课 .

Behavioral Leadership
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