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Whoever you are, whether you’re a teacher, parent, or young person wanting to make a change, volunteering in an orphanage is a perfect opportunity to make a positive impact on somebody else’s life.

You can help a lot in a child’s life by volunteering in an orphanage. by showing them kindness and nurture which they may not find anywhere else, and will certainly raise their spirits, you can spend quality time with them which workers may not have time to do while they have so many children to look after at the same time.

You can also play with them, and teach them things that you may specialize in, like a new language or a new skill like knitting.  This will improve the child’s happiness, and lessen their feelings of neglect and trauma, even if for a little while, and all thanks to you- the volunteer. It is also for the most part more helpful to the child if you volunteer long-term as you will give them a sense of stability and enduring care.

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